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Spading Machine

Gomadhi Spading Machine is an ideal solution to the problem of deep soil tillage in tough conditions, they do not make hard pan (layer of compacted soil in depth), in fact they help eliminating it; they also improve the water circulation and the aeration of the soil.

It required 20 hp (4WD Must) – 65 hp (with 2.2 km speed- Creeper gear) tractor with 540 PTO RPM to operate.

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    It can be used in wet soils, hard soils and hillsides, it helps to eliminate the erosion of light soils as it leaves medium size clods after work.
Advantage & Features
  • The soil is “worked” rather than simply turned over; this means that the root system of crops can still access the most fertile, surface layer.
  • The clods lifted are an ideal size
  • The soil is left perfectly level
  • Typical horsepower requirements are modest
  • Fuel consumption is significantly reduced
  • The spading machines can operate in wet soil, where as other implements are unusable
  • The physical-chemical structure of the soil is improved with the SPADING MACHINE so that yields increase
  • Can be used in various soil types
  • Smaller and larger machines possible
  • Various working widths 80-180 cm (2.25'-6')
  • Working depth 15-35 cm (6-12”)
  • Pre lubricated sealed bearings are used
  • Depth can be adjusted
Technical Specification
Model Type Dimension in mm
(L X W X H)
Working Width Tractor power No. of Blades PTO Input Speed Rotor Shaft Speed Max. Working Depth Hitching Weight in Kgs
SPD804 Tractor PTO Operated 808 x 1125 x 890 800 mm 18-24 HP (4WD must) 4 540 RPM 147, 167, 206 RPM 150-200 mm CAT-I 245
SPD1606 1615 x 1320 x 1150 1600 mm 35-45 HP with Creeper Gear 6 167 RPM 250-300mm CAT-II 510
SPD1808 1810 x 1320 x 1150 1800 mm 55-65 HP with Creeper Gear 8 620

Note : Since product improvement is a continuous process, specification & details provided are subject to change without prior information.